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Accipitridae – Hawk, Eagles, and Kites

Bearded Vulture, or Lammergeier, in Spain: Photo by Marc Gálvez

Welcome to our Accipitridae guide! Delve into the world of hawks, eagles, and their relatives, known for their keen eyesight and powerful hunting abilities. Accipitridae species are found in diverse habitats worldwide, from forests and grasslands to mountains and wetlands. These birds of prey captivate with their soaring flight and mastery of the skies. Our guides provide insights into the various species within the family, their habitats, and behaviors, helping you get to know these raptors and their crucial role in ecosystems.

Overview of Accipitridae

A truly cosmopolitan group, found everywhere except Antarctica, these birds of prey with their sharply curved bills and powerful talons hold significant symbolic value in many cultures. Their flight styles range from the soaring of buteos to the agile maneuvers of woodland accipiters and the hovering hunt of kites, with wing and tail shapes suited to their techniques. Most feed on a broad range of smaller vertebrates, though some are specialists, focusing on bird nestlings, monkeys, snails, wasps, palm fruit, or bone marrow. Many undertake long-distance migrations during the day, creating impressive spectacles for observers as they funnel through narrow land corridors in large numbers.