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Cacatuidae – Cockatoos

Pink Cockatoo in Australia: Photo by Zebedee Muller

Cacatuidae, commonly known as cockatoos, are a diverse family of parrots native to Australia, Indonesia, and surrounding regions. Known for their distinctive crests and raucous calls, cockatoos exhibit a range of sizes and colors, from the iconic white cockatoo to the vibrant pink and grey Galah.

Overview of Cacatuidae

Cockatoos, large parrots native to Australo-Papua, are renowned for their prominent crests, a feature found in nearly all species. Among the most recognizable are the Cockatiel, Galah, and Palm and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. Found across various habitats, from farmland to forests, cockatoos are often considered both beloved companions and occasional agricultural pests. These social birds form noisy flocks, sometimes numbering in the thousands, especially during times of abundant food. Despite their widespread distribution, cockatoos face the challenge of nesting in regions lacking woodpeckers, relying on natural cavities in endemic trees for reproduction.