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Campephagidae – Cuckooshrikes

Golden Cuckooshrike in Indonesia: Photo by Bradley Hacker

Campephagidae, or cuckooshrikes, comprise about 93 species found across Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

Overview of Campephagidae

Campephagids are widespread in the forest and savanna habitats of Asia, Australia, and Africa. Although morphologically diverse, all species have relatively long, usually graduated tails. These birds are mostly methodical and slow-moving foragers, often favoring the higher strata of vegetation, making them easy to miss. Their courtship displays are intriguing, with minivets, the most distinctive clade in this family, performing steep climbs followed by fluttering descents. During these displays, males sometimes chase females and grab their tails in mid-flight. Male suitors of other species may even bring a flower to include in their courtship rituals.