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Cracidae – Guans, Chachalacas, and Curassows

Plain Chachalaca in the United States: Photo by Ian Davies

Welcome to our Cracidae guide! Explore the diverse world of curassows, guans, and chachalacas, captivating birds found in the Neotropical forests. Discover their vibrant plumage, unique behaviors, and conservation status. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or simply intrigued by these charismatic birds, our guides provide valuable insights into the captivating world of Cracidae.

Overview of Cracidae

Cracids, majestic inhabitants of Neotropical woodlands and forests, are prized as game fowl and are often among the first casualties of encroaching civilization. Consequently, they tend to be elusive and shy, making a chance encounter with a lingering curassow a memorable highlight of any forest excursion. With a diverse array of body shapes, many species are distinguished by intricate crests or unique horns and casques. The calls and vocalizations of these birds form an integral part of the soundscape in Neotropical woodlands, from the syncopated cacophony of chachalacas at dawn to the mysterious night-time booms and mechanical rattles of guans.