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Diomedeidae – Albatrosses

Northern Royal Albatross off of Australia: Photo by Jodi Webber

Welcome to our guides on the Diomedeidae family. These magnificent seabirds, known as albatrosses, roam the vast open oceans, covering incredible distances with their effortless gliding flight. With their impressive wingspans and mastery of aerodynamics, albatrosses are among the most skilled aviators in the animal kingdom. Found predominantly in the Southern Ocean, these iconic birds have captured the imagination of sailors and naturalists alike with their graceful movements and remarkable adaptations for life at sea.

Overview of Diomedeidae

Witnessing an albatross soaring gracefully across the vast expanse of the open ocean is an experience both awe-inspiring and humbling. With the longest wings of any bird and uniquely elongated wing bones, these majestic creatures are perfectly adapted for dynamic soaring. With minimal effort, they traverse thousands of kilometers, rarely needing to flap their wings, as they forage for food to provision their solitary chick.