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Paramythiidae – Tit Berrypecker and Crested Berrypecker

Western Crested Berrypecker in Indonesia: Photo by David Beadle

Paramythiidae, comprising the Papuan and Solomon Island endemic birds, is a family marked by its distinctiveness and limited distribution.

Overview of Paramythiidae

Chosen randomly from the vast array of tropical birds, these two unique endemics of the New Guinea mountains, appropriately named for their vibrant and striking plumage, remain shrouded in mystery. The nesting behavior of the Tit-Berrypecker has only been briefly documented, while our understanding of the Crested Berrypeckers is slightly more advanced but still incomplete. Although primarily fruit-eaters, these species exhibit a hint of dietary diversity. Observations of Crested Berrypeckers harvesting and adorning themselves with large ericaceous flowers suggest tantalizing discoveries yet to be unveiled.