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Psittacidae – New World and African Parrots

Grey Parrot in Uganda: Photo by Michael Ortner

Psittacidae, commonly known as the true parrots, comprises a diverse family of birds known for their vibrant plumage, strong bills, and exceptional intelligence. Found across tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, these parrots exhibit a wide range of behaviors and adaptations, from mimicking human speech to forming strong social bonds within their flocks.

Overview of Psittacidae

New World and African parrots predominantly display shades of green and vary widely in size, from the majestic Ara Macaws to the petite Forpus Parrotlets. While many associate parrots with mimicry in captivity, in the wild, they are characterized by their mobility, sociability, and vocalizations, which often consist of loud, non-melodic squawks. Their top-hinged bills serve not only as versatile feeding tools but also as an additional limb for climbing among branches, a trait common among Psittaciforms.