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Psittaculidae – Old World Parrots

Regent Parrot in Australia: Photo by Barry Deacon

Psittaculidae, commonly known as Old World parrots or Asian parakeets, comprises a diverse family of parrots distributed across Africa, Asia, and Oceania. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and habitats, these parrots are characterized by their strong, hooked bills and zygodactyl feet. Known for their intelligence and vibrant plumage, many species are popular as pets, while others play essential roles in their ecosystems as seed dispersers and pollinators.

Overview of Psittaculidae

Although all parrots exhibit shared characteristics such as vibrant hues, robust, hooked bills, and intricate social structures, the Old World parrots encompass distinct subsets. Among these are the lories, tailored for nectar consumption, the lovebirds (Agapornis), known for their communal nesting habits, and the pygmy-parrots, distinguished by stiffened tails evolved for bark feeding.