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Rheidae – Rheas

Greater Rheas in Brazil: Photo by Ivan Sjögren

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of rheas guides! Whether you’re curious about their habitats, behaviors, or unique characteristics, you’ll find all the information you need right here. Explore the fascinating world of these magnificent birds and discover their presence in various regions across the globe.

Overview of Rheidae

Rheas, the largest birds in South America, are commonly found inhabiting open grasslands or croplands throughout the southern part of the continent. Despite their impressive running ability, rheas typically retreat before visitors approach too closely. When undisturbed, they leisurely graze through their surroundings, foraging for both animal and plant-based food at a pace slower than a human’s leisurely walk. Male rheas take on the responsibility of incubating eggs from multiple females, while the chicks accompany their father in the grass, gradually gaining independence over about seven months.