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Strigopidae – New Zealand Parrots

Kea in New Zealand: Photo by J. J. Harrison

Strigopidae, commonly known as the New Zealand parrots or Kakapos, comprises a small family of parrots endemic to New Zealand. There are only four species in this family.

Overview of Strigopidae

All three of these New Zealand natives are identified by their Maori names. While Kaka and Kakapo populations struggle in protected pockets of their once extensive ranges across the North and South Islands, they share a precarious existence. The Kaka, an adept and sociable canopy dweller, thrives as a clever opportunist. In contrast, the Kakapo, flightless yet agile on land and in trees, adopts a nocturnal lifestyle and engages in lek mating rituals with low-frequency booms. The third species, the Kea, historically flourished in alpine regions and is celebrated for its remarkable intelligence, particularly its innovative tool usage and problem-solving prowess.