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Struthionidae – Ostriches

Common Ostrich in South Africa: Photo by Dorian Anderson

Welcome to our Struthionidae family center! Dive into the world of ostriches, the largest and most unique birds on the planet. Explore our ID guides and articles to uncover fascinating facts about these magnificent creatures, known for their speed, size, and distinctive appearance. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply curious about these remarkable birds, join us in discovering the wonders of Struthionidae!

Overview of Struthionidae

Struthionidae is the family of perhaps the most famous ratites in the world, the ostriches. With only two species in the family, these flightless birds, towering as the largest living birds globally in both stature and mass, also boast remarkable speed on land. Sporting only two toes on their feet and robustly muscular legs, they resemble the antelopes of the avian realm, finely tuned for a life of swift locomotion across the African savannas, reaching velocities exceeding 70 km per hour.

Male ostriches predominantly undertake parental duties, incubating eggs nestled in communal nests laid by the females in their groups. Despite their eggs being the largest globally concerning the laying female’s size, they paradoxically rank as the smallest worldwide. Ostrich eggs and hatchlings face significant predation pressures, yet under captive conditions, ostriches exhibit remarkable longevity among bird species.