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oman birding
Steppe Eagle in Oman: Photo by Joachim Bertrands

Welcome to our guide to the birds of Oman! Nestled on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is known for its stunning landscapes, including vast deserts, rugged mountains, and beautiful coastlines along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. These diverse habitats provide homes for a variety of bird species, making Oman an exciting destination for birdwatching. In this section, you’ll explore our curated guides that showcase the avian wonders of Oman. From the sight of the elegant Arabian Partridge in the rocky foothills to the colorful plumage of the Indian Roller in the oases, Oman’s birdlife offers a captivating glimpse into the country’s natural beauty. Whether you’re observing raptors soaring over the Hajar Mountains or exploring the lush mangroves along the coast, we invite you to delve into our guides and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Omani birds.