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Vatican City

vatican city birding
Italian Sparrow in the Vatican City: Photo by Tomáš Grim

Welcome to our guide to the birds of the Vatican City! Although small in size the Vatican City, or Holy See, is home to a surprising variety of bird species, thanks to its beautiful gardens and proximity to the Tiber River. In this section, you’ll explore our curated guides that highlight the avian life found in and around this historic enclave. From the soft cooing of Rock Pigeons in St. Peter’s Square to the colorful plumage of Eurasian Jays in the Vatican Gardens, the Vatican City offers a charming glimpse into the world of birds. As you stroll through the serene pathways or relax by the fountains, keep your eyes and ears open for a diverse array of winged visitors. We invite you to explore our guides and discover the delightful avian residents of the Vatican City.