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Below you will find our birding guides for California and everything you need to know for your next birding adventure. Bookmark this page for your next California birding adventure.

California comes alive with yellow birds—goldfinches, meadowlarks, warblers, and more. Their bright plumes pop against backdrops of forest, field, and desert across the state. Get details on eye-catching yellow species in our latest article. We spotlight residents and migrants like Yellow Warblers thriving in California’s diverse habitats.

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California habitats teem with black bird diversity—cormorants, phoebes, woodpeckers and beyond. Their sharp silhouettes grace coasts, forests and deserts statewide. Get the details on these species in our latest article. We spotlight jet black residents and visitors thriving among the Golden State’s abundant biodiversity, from scrubby chaparral to soaring redwood canopies.

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California comes alive with blue birds—kingfishers, buntings, mountain bluebirds and more. Their cool hues pop against backdrops of redwood, desert and prairie statewide. Get the details on dazzling blue species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved residents and migrants like western bluebirds across the Golden State’s abundant habitats, plus conservation initiatives to aid vulnerable cerulean populations.

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