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Below you will find our birding guides for Colorado and everything you need to know for your next birding trip. Bookmark this page for your next Colorado birding adventure.

Colorado’s diverse landscapes provide habitats for an array of captivating bird species, including those adorned with stunning shades of blue. From majestic herons to vibrant buntings, these blue birds add beauty and intrigue to Colorado’s skies. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the notable blue birds in Colorado.

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Golden birds bring sunshine to Colorado skies—flickering goldfinches, flashing meadowlarks, and warblers decorating mountain forests. Their bright hues enliven grasslands, woods and wetlands across the state. Our latest article explores special yellow species to spot, from tinyAudubon’s warblers to thrush-sized evening grosbeaks. As you explore Colorado’s diverse habitats, watch for these feathered bursts of golden light against the landscape. Learn how to identify resident and migratory birds gracing backyards and parks with brilliant yellow accents.

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From strutting wild turkeys to soaring turkey vultures, Colorado hosts a range of sizable black-hued birds. Their inky profiles sweep across open skies, forests and grasslands statewide. Get the details on these species in our latest article. We spotlight large black residents and migrants like yellow-billed magpies that call the Centennial State home. Learn how size benefits these dark-feathered birds in regulating body heat and more.

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Beyond goldfinches, Colorado skies and landscapes come alive with yellow-breasted birds—meadowlarks, warblers, and more. Their bright bibs likely help attract mates, recognize kin and declare dominance across habitats. Get the details on species sporting yellow chest plumage in our latest article. We explore the signaling power of bright blaze and bands of golden feathers adorning the fronts of special avian residents and visitors.

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Colorado hosts a variety of striking black birds—from terns to soaring ravens. Their jet profiles sweep across high plains, forests and rivers statewide. Get the details on these species in our latest article. We spotlight black residents and migrants that call the Centennial State’s diverse habitats home.

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