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Below you will find our birding guides for North Carolina and everything you need to know for your next birding trip. Bookmark this page for your next North Carolina birding adventure.

North Carolina is a state rich in birdlife and no group of birds is more iconic and sought after than the owls. The owls in North Carolina are diverse and fascinating. In this article, we’ll go through all nine species of owls in North Carolina, their features, habitats, behavior, and where in the state you might find them! Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll feel more informed on the state’s owls and inspired to go out looking for them (ethically, of course).

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Welcome to a journey through the vibrant tapestry of avian diversity that graces the landscapes of North Carolina. Enthusiastic birdwatchers and nature lovers alike are invited to explore the renowned North Carolina Birding Trail, a sprawling network of over 300 birding sites that showcase the state’s rich biodiversity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the myriad habitats, signature species, and practical tips that make the North Carolina Birding Trail an irresistible destination for birding enthusiasts of all levels.

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North Carolina’s diverse landscapes provide habitat for a variety of bird species, including several striking black birds that capture the imagination of birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. From the majestic turkey vulture to the enigmatic black skimmer, these birds play important ecological roles and contribute to the state’s rich avian biodiversity. Let’s explore the world of big black birds in North Carolina, uncovering their unique features, behavior, habitat preferences, conservation status, and intriguing fun facts.

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North Carolina’s diverse ecosystems provide habitat for a stunning array of bird species, including those adorned in striking shades of red. From the vibrant plumage of summer visitors to the year-round residents, these red birds add a burst of color to the state’s landscapes. Let’s explore some of the fascinating red-feathered avian inhabitants of North Carolina.

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North Carolina’s diverse landscapes are home to a variety of avian species, including a fascinating array of grey-feathered birds. From the elegant flight of the Great Blue Heron to the haunting call of the Eastern Phoebe, these birds contribute to the state’s rich biodiversity. Let’s delve into the world of North Carolina’s grey birds and discover the beauty and significance they bring to the Tar Heel State.

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North Carolina skies and landscapes come alive with blue birds—herons, indigos, cerulean warblers and more. Their cool hues contrast forests, fields and waterways across the state. Get the details on eye-catching blue species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved residents and migrants like the azure bluebird gracing North Carolina’s diverse habitats.

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North Carolina comes alive with yellow birds—warblers, goldfinches, meadowlarks and more. Their sunny hues pop against backdrops of mountain, coastline and wetland across the state. Get the details on dazzling yellow species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved residents and migrants like prothonotary warblers across North Carolina’s abundant habitats, plus conservation initiatives to protect vulnerable golden-winged warbler populations.

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