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Below you will find our birding guides for Washington and everything you need to know for your next birding trip. Bookmark this page for your next Washington birding adventure.

Washington teems with prized birding destinations thanks to diverse habitats statewide—rugged coasts, rainforests, high meadows and more. The Great Washington Birding Trail links 450+ sites to spot hundreds of species. Our latest article explores this network letting you experience the Evergreen State’s abundant birds, from storm-petrels swirling over seaside bluffs to sage thrashers singing across scablands. We overview types of sites, prime seasons and featured species. Whether you’re a resident enthusiast or traveling birder, discover the wealth of avian life accessible through this extensive trail system.

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Beyond swans, Washington habitats fill with white birds—egrets, gulls, herons and more. Though often stained at this season, their angelic forms stand out against backdrops of forest, coast and wetland statewide. Get the details on these species in our latest article. We spotlight residents and migrants like juvenile bald eagles gracing the Evergreen State year-round.

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Washington comes alive with red birds-tanagers, finches and more. Their fiery hues pop against backdrops of forest, mountain and coast statewide. Get the details on these eye-catching species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved red residents and migrants like summer tanagers gracing the Evergreen State’s abundant habitats.

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Washington habitats teem with black bird diversity—woodpeckers, vultures, swifts and more. Their sharp silhouettes grace coasts, forests and countryside statewide. Get the details on these species in our latest article. We spotlight jet black residents and visitors thriving among the Evergreen State’s abundant biodiversity, from Puget Sound to high desert.

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