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Below you will find our birding guides for Wisconsin and everything you need to know for your next birding trip. Bookmark this page for your next Wisconsin birding adventure.

Get to know 11 stunning red bird species spotted across Wisconsin, including distinctive woodpeckers, familiar robins, brilliant scarlet tanagers and the state bird, the flashy Northern Cardinal. Learn to identify key features, behaviors and top spotting locations for these eye-catching ruby-hued birds that bring splashes of color across the state’s habitats.

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Wisconsin’s diverse landscapes from coniferous forests to Great Lakes coastlines sustain almost 500 bird species playing vital ecosystem roles. Among the state’s kaleidoscopic birds, there are loads of black birds in Wisconsin. With a smorgasbord of habitats spanning prairie potholes to mixed boreal woods, Wisconsin offers refuge to fascinating black birds worth discovering. This article explores beloved resident and migratory black birds spotting the Badger State’s skies.

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Wisconsin comes alive with blue birds—shimmering tree swallows, soaring great blue herons, azure bluebirds, and more. Their cool tones contrast forests, grasslands, and wetlands statewide. Get the details on eye-catching blue species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved residents and migrants like indigo buntings gracing Wisconsin’s varied habitats.

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Wisconsin comes alive with yellow birds—goldfinches, meadowlarks, warblers and more. Their bright plumes pop against backdrops of lake, forest and prairie across the state. Get the details on eye-catching yellow species in our latest article. We spotlight beloved residents and migrants like prothonotary warblers gracing Wisconsin’s abundant habitats.

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