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Practical resources for birders, by birders.

Welcome to Birding Space: your fresh hub for practically enhancing your birding hobby through guides, gear recommendations and community content. Created by birders for birders. Let’s get out there spotting and protecting the birds we love!

Regional Bird Guides

Explore our extensive bird identification guides, cheat sheets, and info-packed articles covering hundreds of backyard, regional, and migrating species.

Science & History

Learn about bird anatomy, evolution, taxonomy, migration patterns, nesting, courtship, and influential ornithologists who advanced the field through our resources exploring the science and history of birds.

Bird Family Guides

Read our thorough identification guides based on particular bird families and localities and learn how to differentiate similar birds and which birds are closely related or not.

Hotspot Guides

Discover insider details including optimal seasons and target bird species for popular regional birding locales across North America (the rest of the world, coming soon).

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