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Ploceidae – Weavers and Allies

Spectacled Weaver in Kenya: Photo by Nathan Mixon

Welcome to our Ploceidae hub! Enter the world of weavers, where artistry meets avian architecture. Explore our collection of ID guides and articles to unravel the wonders of these masterful nest builders. From their intricate woven nests to their vibrant plumage, learn all about the captivating lives of the birds in the Ploceidae family.

Overview of Ploceidae

Making up the family Ploceidae, weavers are renowned for their skillful weaving of intricate knots using fresh green grass, resulting in remarkably sturdy and cohesive structures once dried. However, beyond their nests, this group holds fascination due to its diverse social and mating systems, rivalling those of any other passerine groups. Colonial behavior is widespread among these birds, with the red-billed queleas standing out as particularly impressive colonial passerines. These birds traverse the seasonally unpredictable landscapes of southern Africa in search of sufficient germinating grasses to support their breeding efforts. They can descend upon woodlands and fields, swiftly establishing overnight colonies comprising up to 30 million nests, completing their entire breeding cycle in as little as 40 days before moving on.