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Columbidae – Doves and Pigeons

Bolle’s Pigeon in the Canary Islands: Photo by Daniel Pettersson

Welcome to our Columbidae family hub! Delve into the diverse world of pigeons and doves, cherished for their grace and gentle demeanor. Explore our ID guides and articles to learn about the various species within this family, from urban pigeons to exotic doves. Whether you’re a birdwatching enthusiast or simply intrigued by these peaceful birds, come explore the fascinating world of Columbidae with us!

Overview of Columbidae

Recognizable globally for their small heads, distinctive head-bobbing walking gait, and graceful flight, doves and pigeons are a common sight. In many regions, this group comprises earth-toned species varying slightly in white spotting and other characteristics. However, akin to parrots, Australia’s columbid fauna exhibits a rich diversity in plumage and morphology. Nearly all columbids construct flimsy platform nests of sticks, typically laying just one or two eggs. By nourishing their young with “crop milk” derived from the epithelial cells of their digestive tract, they capitalize on a varied diet, enabling them to prolong their breeding seasons longer than any other temperate birds in the wild.