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Tinamidae – Tinamous

Little Tinamou in Colombia: Photo by Robert Gundy

Welcome to our hub for tinamous guides! Delve into the world of the Tinamidae family and explore the diverse species within. From their habitats to their distinctive behaviors, these ground-dwelling birds offer a fascinating glimpse into the avian world. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just beginning your journey, our collection of guides provides valuable insights into the intriguing lives of tinamous.

Overview of Tinamidae

Rarely observed yet frequently heard, the elusive tinamous announce their presence with distinctive whistled calls, adding to the daily symphony of terrestrial habitats throughout the Neotropics. Tinamou nests, often containing eggs from multiple females, are meticulously tended to by males alone. These eggs, akin to hidden treasures, exhibit a spectrum of colors unique to each species, ranging from sky blue, purple, or olive to deep brown or dark gray, all possessing a glossy sheen reminiscent of fine porcelain. Unlike their Struthioniformes relatives, tinamous retain the ability to fly, albeit with effort and reluctance.