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A bird bath is not only a beautiful addition to any backyard but also serves as a vital source of water for birds, attracting a diverse array of avian visitors to your garden. However, to maintain a healthy environment for birds and prevent the spread of diseases, regular cleaning of your bird bath is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to clean a bird bath effectively, ensuring a safe and inviting oasis for our feathered friends.

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The sight of V-shaped flocks honking across blue skies signals the awe-inspiring phenomenon of bird migration. Universal Studios’ new animated movie, Migration, uses the long-distance journeys merely as a punchline, following a quirky Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) family of Mack, Pam and their two kids, Dax and Gwen, making the trip from New England to tropical, sunny Jamaica. Behind the film’s cute and humorous story, however, lies a serious situation: North America’s overall bird population has plummeted by 29% just since 1970, equating to a loss of almost 3 billion birds. As humanity fuels widespread threats, nearly half the planet’s bird species are on decline. So while the Migration movie provides family-friendly fun, it may be obscuring an urgent need for action to prevent further decimation of our migratory bird populations.

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A flash of iridescent green darts past, a miniature jewel hovering at the bright red feeder on your patio. Hummingbirds bring living rainbows and aerial dances to outdoor spaces as they fuel up on high-energy nectar. But how do you make the ideal homemade blend to attract them? Our latest article features the perfect recipe for mixing up fresh, safe hummingbird food along with specialized care tips to support these migrating marvels all season long. We walk through ideal ingredient ratios, best sanitation practices, proper temperatures and more so your feeders entice winged acrobats without endangering the birds.

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